3 Things Men Do When They Like Someone Online

Guys are not usually great at communication and sometimes relying on their body language is the only way to tell if they are interested in you. So when you’re chatting with a guy online and you don’t have any body language to go on it can be very difficult to gauge whether he just likes you are a friend, or if he likes you romantically, or if he’s just talking to you to be polite. But, according to behavior experts and psychologists, there are some ways that you can tell if that you’re chatting up on Instagram or Twitter is really into you or just killing time by messaging you. If you notice these three things when you’re messaging with a new guy you can be reasonably sure that he’s into you:

Frequent Messages

Guys are not really prone to sending lots of messages and being chatty with girls. So if you are getting regular responses to your messages. If he’s sending messages steadily then you can be pretty sure that he likes you. He obviously considers you important enough that he’s going to make an effort to respond to you in a timely way and that says a lot. So even if you wish he was sending longer messages if you are getting several messages a day that is a really good sign of interest.

He Asks Questions

If a guy really wants to get to know you he will ask you questions about yourself. Your life and not just ask you for photos. When a guy is really interested in you and is trying to decide if he wants a relationship with you. Will ask you a lot of questions about your goals and your interests and other things like that. If the messages that you are exchanging are about deep subjects and he asks you a lot of questions. That is meaningful he definitely thinks that you are girlfriend material.

He Will Post Photos Of Himself

If a guy is into you but doesn’t want to make it too obvious. He will start posting more photos of himself in attractive clothes and situations. Like if you mentioned in a message that you like it when guys wear long sleeved tee shirts. He might post a photo of himself in a long sleeved tee shirt. Or if you mention that you like guys who spike their hair. Photo of himself with spiked hair might be the next post you will see.

Pay close attention to the photos that he posts after you start talking. See if there are clues like that hidden in the photos. And if he streams live on social media look for references to things that you have talked about in your conversations. If you notice inside jokes or topics then he is definitely interested in you. And he is letting you know in a subtle way. That your conversations are important to him and that he’s listening to what you said.