4 Ways Men Can Make Their Online Dating Profiles Better


Online dating can be confusing for everyone, but it can be especially confusing for guys. Without visual cues to help them gauge a women’s interest in them guys can be left floundering to try and get a woman’s attention. Guys who are not having the kind of success that they want with online dating should try these 4 expert tips (and more!) to connect with more eligible women and get more first dates:

Stop Negging

At some point in your life you may have listened to bad advice from a guy calling himself a pickup artist who told you that a way to get the attention of a beautiful woman was to “neg” her. Negging is saying something that is deliberately negative or offensive trying to get her attention. A good example of negging would be sending a woman a message telling her that she would be prettier with different color hair. It sounds crazy right? But thousands of guys do it thinking that it makes them sound edgy or clever and helps them stand out. It does make you stand out, but in a terrible way. Don’t do it. Don’t ever do it. You wouldn’t want her using a cell phone search on you, would you?

Up Your Photo Game

Do you scroll right by profiles that don’t have photos or have bad photos? Women do that also. The best way to get more messages and better matches on a dating site is to get 5 or 6 professional photos taken and to use those photos in your profile. Some of the photos can be casual but in at least one photo you should be wearing a sport coat and a nice shirt. Women want to know that you’re an adult who can dress themselves and not an overgrown teenager. Make sure that the photos you use are a mix of face and body photos. And it should go without saying but don’t send any inappropriate photos without being asked. It’s never a good idea. Ever.

Dating is still possible in this day and age

Fill Out The Entire Profile

Way too many men don’t bother filling out a complete profile that lists their interests and hobbies specifically. They will instead write a few generic sentences and promise to reveal more specific information at some point in the future. Well guys, if you can’t be bothered to put in even the smallest amount of effort to find a mate then women are not going to respond to your profile. Take a few extra minutes to create a complete profile with detailed information about your life, your hobbies and interests, and what you’re looking for. Also, make sure to pick the right app for what you’re looking for.

Use Full Sentences And A Spell Checker

The only thing worse than not having a complete profile is having one full of text speak, grammar, and spelling errors. Try composing the profile in Word or a similar program and use the spell check and grammar check. Then just copy and paste your profile into the online dating site so that you can be sure your profile doesn’t have any glaring errors.