6 Emotional Stages of Dating Relationship

The excitement of a new relationship comes with a few stirring stages. Before going to the real deal, a couple is meant to experience each phase in order to move on to the next level. Dating relationships can be complicated for others. While for some, it seems normal for them to fall in and fall out of love. Most of the time, the success of the relationship lies in the first few stages as it serves as a foundation of your long-term commitment. If you can get through the first five stages, you just might have a chance in entering the sixth.


The very first phenomenon that two people look for in dating someone new is the presence of attraction. Whether it’s physical or chemical, humans are naturally inclined to get attracted to people according to their standards either consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes, attraction happens instantly. While for others, it may take a few meetings to realize they’ve been attracted to each other.


In this stage, you start acknowledging the attributes you like about your new dating partner. These characteristics might come from various aspects. You begin getting interested about what he/she likes in return. You try to figure out more about each other the longer you spend time.


Your heart might be tricked by a chemical released by your brain whenever you feel pleasure in the company of your dating partner. This chemical is called oxytocin which further produces dopamine. Your brain will begin to fight with your heart. This kind of passion must be dealt with logic as well.

Stabilization of Relationship

If you cared enough to battle your heart with your brain, you’re slowly moving on to the stabilization of your feelings, and your relationship. You start caring for each other deeply, you think about each other’s needs and motives. You even begin to trust each other with your emotions, your happiness, and your fears.

Ready for Commitment

You slowly ready yourself for the commitment. Let your partner know this when you begin to settle down with your doubts about your relationship. Both embrace your flaws and weaknesses with full knowledge. You help each other overcome these downsides by being each other’s shoulder to lean on.

Real Love

Being committed took you time because it sometimes takes that much to know you truly love someone. For others, it comes as quick as a whiplash. But, loving, truly loving is not that easy to prove. You need to know it yourself and see if your partner knows it as well.